Disturbing Video Shows Fraud Victims Trying to Commit Suicide on the Beijing Metro

Last week, a video showing a small of group of men and women trying to commit suicide on the Beijing Metro by drinking a toxic white substance went viral on Chinese social media.

The video shows a group of eight people, both men and women, drinking a milky white substance on the train and collapsing on the floor as passengers watch and stand back in horror.

According to the Epoch Times (via Shanghaiist), the incident took place on December 26. Shortly after the scenes in the video, police boarded the subway car and dragged the unconscious individuals off the train. The Times reported that the individuals were all stock traders that had been the victims of a recent financial fraud, leaving all of them in debt. The individuals were rushed to the hospital afterwards and no deaths were reported.

According to Shanghaiist, the video had been removed from Chinese social media by the government. The story was also not reported on in Chinese news, so no other details on who the individuals were or their circumstances is available as of yet.

Watch the video below (Warning: Graphic Content):

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