Man in Beijing Attacks Doctors Who Refused to Give His Wife a C-Section

Man in Beijing Attacks Doctors Who Refused to Give His Wife a C-SectionMan in Beijing Attacks Doctors Who Refused to Give His Wife a C-Section
A man in Beijing, China has been detained after assaulting physicians who refused to give his pregnant wife a Caesarean section for her own safety.
The incident, which was caught on surveillance cameras, occurred outside an operating room at Peking University First Hospital on Sept. 22, Beijing News reported.
The man, surnamed Zheng, reportedly lost control when surgeon He Yingdong advised that his wife could not undergo a C-section on medical grounds.
In one clip, Zheng is seen pushing and punching Dr. He, who appears to fight back in self-defense.
Zheng, along with his 19-year-old daughter, attacked He and two other colleagues.
The doctors previously told Zheng’s 44-year-old wife, surnamed Sun, that she could give birth naturally because her hypertension had been kept in check.
However, Zheng wanted them to perform a C-section as the baby was already late, fearing that his wife’s delayed labor could escalate into new complications.
The Caesarean section surgery needs to meet a lot of conditions for it to be carried out,” a person familiar with the matter told Beijing News. “I had seen the patient’s medical record and she did not meet these conditions.”
Dr. He sustained a fractured jaw and eye sockets following the assault. The medical team ultimately caved in to Zheng’s request and delivered Sun’s baby girl via C-section the next day.
Police detained Zheng on Oct. 12, as Sun needed him to take care of their newborn immediately after the incident.
The hospital has since condemned the attack in a statement, the South China Morning Post noted.
“We unswervingly safeguard medical staff’s dignity. We call for a firm crackdown against those who attack medical staff.”
Their elder daughter, a freshman at Capital Normal University, was also detained but allowed bail soon after.
However, she will still face “serious punishment” from her school, according to People’s Daily.
In a statement on Saturday, the university said it immediately conducted its own investigation after the incident, which it viewed as an urgent matter.
The father and daughter have been under police observation since the attack on the doctors.
Images via YouTube / The Beijing News
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