Chinese City Bans Men from Showing Their Bellies in Public Because It’s ‘Uncivilised’

Men, particularly those who live in Jinan, Shandong province, China may want to reconsider rolling up their shirts to expose their bellies in public as city officials are now banning this habit, which is known to many as the “Beijing bikini.”

In the ban notice, Jinan authorities describe “Beijing bikini” as an “uncivilized behavior” that’s “seriously affecting the image of the city,” according to The Guardian.

As said in the guideline, those who are caught exhibiting in this behavior in densely populated areas such as parks, public squares, buses, scenic spots, and business roads will face punishment. It’s not exactly clear what type of punishments these individuals can expect when they are caught with their shirt rolled up.

Additionally, other behaviors such as taking off shoes in public, spitting, littering, and queue-jumping have also been banned in Jinan.

While some suggest that this law should be implemented all over China, others were not exactly impressed with this restriction. One Weibo comment reads via Radii China, “The things they need to control they don’t bother with; the things that shouldn’t be bothered with they have to completely f***ing control.”

“If their bodies are good then fine; if they’re not in shape then no way,” another user, who attracted hundreds of likes, wrote.

Featured image (left) via Instagram / nowhybecausechina, (right) via Instagram / china_files

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