Beautiful City in Hokkaido Usually Ignored By Tourists Creates Epic Tourism Video

Beautiful City in Hokkaido Usually Ignored By Tourists Creates Epic Tourism Video
Ryan General
October 15, 2018
In the wake of last month’s massive earthquake, a city in Hokkaido is showing the world its resilient beauty via awe-inspiring promotional videos in high-definition.
Kushiro, a city in Japan’s northernmost main island, is known for its astounding scenery but is often overlooked by tourists. 
Those who have visited the city are usually mesmerized by its balance of urban vibrancy and natural beauty, which is highlighted by its numerous scenic spots including mountains, lakes, rivers, and parks.
A departure from ultra modern Japanese tourist spots such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, visiting Kushiro allows foreigners to discover a hidden side of Japan.
Visitors who come to check out the local fish market and come across the seasonal open-tent restaurant Ganpeki Robata are treated to fresh seafood straight from its bustling harbor.
The videos, which aim to rejuvenate tourism in the city, were well-received by many Japanese netizens, including Kushiro residents themselves, reports Soranews24.
“I’m already used to living here, but this video made me realize again what a great place it is. Kushiro is really breezy in summer, too. When it’s so hot you feel like melting, please come and visit Kushiro!” one netizen wrote.

“I moved to Kushiro this summer and I’ve seen some really beautiful places and met fantastic people here. The city can be a little quiet at times, but nature is always just around the corner. Thanks for the video,” another commenter chimed in.

“I’m a high school student in Kushiro. There are festivals in both summer and winter, with a fireworks display on 20th October, too! I look forward to everyone visiting my city!” commented another.
The magnitude-6.7 earthquake that jolted the southwestern region of Hokkaido on September 6 caused at least 10 billion yen ($90 million) in canceled reservations from tourists.
According to the Japan Times, the total damage to the infrastructure and all local industries in the prefecture is estimated to exceed 400 billion yen ($3.5 billion).
“We are delivering our message to the whole world in six languages: Hokkaido is safe and has recovered already,” Yasuhiro Tsuji, vice governor of Hokkaido was quoted as saying.
Featured image via YouTube/KUSHIRO Hokkaido Japan
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