Suspected Yakuza member attacks ‘Battle Royale’ star Beat Takeshi with a pickaxe after begging for a start in showbiz

Beat Takeshi attacked by fan with a pickaxe

Veteran Japanese actor Takeshi Kitano, also known as Beat Takeshi, was recently attacked inside of his car by a disgruntled fan with a pickaxe.

What happened: Kitano, 74, was leaving the Tokyo premises of the TBS television network with his driver when a fan suddenly attacked his vehicle several times on Saturday night, according to the Associated Press. The suspect, whose identity was not revealed, was subsequently arrested at the scene.

  • The attacker was only identified as an unemployed man, a suspected yakuza member, in his 40s from Chiba Prefecture, Kyodo News reported. Police said the man was in possession of a 10- centimeters (4 inches) blade when the attack happened.
  • Kitano, known for his roles in the classic “Battle Royale” movie and “Hana-Bi,” was unharmed during the incident.

Details before the attack: The suspect allegedly got mad at Kitano for ignoring him when he begged the veteran actor to help him get into the Japanese show business in June.

  • I got down on my knees near the car and begged him to help me enter the world of show business, but he ignored me,” the attacker allegedly told the police.

Featured Image via Chryz

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