Men With Beards Are More Likely to Be Violent, Lying Thieves, Survey Finds

As No-Shave November approaches, beard-growers everywhere would be well advised to trim their facial hair. A recent report by Eva reveals that men with beards are more likely to fight, steal and cheat than men who are clean-shaven.
Censuswide was recruited by the video social network site to carry out the survey on approximately 2,000 subjects from the UK.
The responses from the results reveal 47% of men with beards admitted to cheating versus 20% of those without beards who admitted the same.
In addition, 40% of men with scruff are guilty of stealing compared to 17% of men without facial hair who have stolen.
Of the research pool, 45% of the bearded said they would get into an occasional fight compared to 29% of their clean shaven counterparts.
Aside from probably feeling like they’re getting a deep facial scrub when kissing a bearded man, 44% of women think beards are unhygienic. In fact, 35% of women respondents said they would rather have a man with grey hair over a guy with a beard.
Co-founder of Eva and fashion photographer Jens Wikholm told Yahoo News:
“Fashion changes so quickly, the beard trend is one that comes in every decade or so, but we might be seeing the end of current beard cycle.
“It definitely seems that women prefer the clean shaven look and fashion will respond to that. Times change and trends shift, so men who want to stay on the bleeding edge of popular fashion might want to think twice before they let their facial hair get too long.”
Better keep up that No-Shave November tradition.
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