Fu Yuanhui and Yao Ming Will Survive in the Wilderness with Bear Grylls

Fu Yuanhui and Yao Ming Will Survive in the Wilderness with Bear GryllsFu Yuanhui and Yao Ming Will Survive in the Wilderness with Bear Grylls
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September 6, 2016
Adventurer Bear Grylls has a new series coming up called “Absolute Zero,” and Chinese celebrities are set for casting.
One of its biggest stars is Olympic darling Fu Yuanhui. According to Shanghaiist, the show’s production team has already confirmed the athlete’s participation.
Fu is remembered as the Olympian who won everybody’s hearts with her candid personality.
Apparently, she was able to impress Grylls, who invited her to his show over Weibo:
“Your bravery and open minded personality as well as your outstanding physical capability have caught my attention. I know you endured incredible hardship. I’m curious how you might perform in the wilderness.
“Myself and director Gan Chao would like to invite you to explore the Absolute Wild with us and show the world the vitality, self-confidence, optimism, positivity of China’s new generation.”
Other than Fu, Grylls also sought Yao Ming’s participation, asking the player if he missed the “hot-blooded fearless youth.”
Grylls was quickly successful, and Yao shared why he’s joining:
“We are all so small in front of Mother Nature, so we need to rediscover our instincts and let our offspring learn how to coexist in harmony with nature and animals.”
Baidu CEO Robin Li was the first to accept Grylls’ invitation over Weibo. Grylls praised him for looking “positively at all challenges.”
Li accepted the challenge after two days, and shared his experience (via Wall Street Journal):
“I like this kind of feeling that you won’t be able to predict what is going to happen in the next minute, and it is a super cool thing to have a chance to get close to Mother Nature and to have an adventure in unknown areas.”
“Absolute China” begins production later this month. As per Sixth Tone, it airs on the Discovery Channel and Shanghai’s Dragon TV later this year.
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