Mumbai beach blanketed with shocking amount of trash washed ashore in viral video

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  • A video shared to Twitter on Saturday shows Mahim beach in Mumbai, India, covered in trash and litter that washed ashore from the Arabian sea.
  • Authorities posted an update stating that they had cleaned the beach and asking citizens to refrain from throwing trash into drains and rivers.
  • Twitter users expressed outrage, with many demanding stricter enforcements while others offered potential solutions, such as implementing steel mesh on drains.
  • The video has garnered over 92,000 views and 1,245 likes since this writing.

A beach in Mumbai, India, is seen in a viral video covered in an overwhelming accumulation of trash and litter that had washed onto the beach from the Arabian Sea.

The video of Mahim beach, uploaded to Twitter on Saturday, shows a tremendous amount of trash scattered across the beach to the point where little sand is visible. The tweet describes the litter as a “return gift” from the Arabian sea.

A follow-up tweet uploaded by the Ward-GN of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on Sunday showed a photo of the beach before and after authorities and BMC helped to clean and clear the sands. 

In addition, the tweet asked that citizens refrain from throwing their trash into rivers and drains as it eventually ends up in the sea. 

Twitter users expressed their anger and disappointment, with many calling for stricter enforcement.

“You need to come up with technologies that can stop plastic entering [the] sea via drains. Controlling huge population is [tough]. But advancing technology to tackle such things is easier,” one user suggested. 

“Nature’s way of giving it back,” another user wrote.

“We should do our bit as our citizens to keep the beach clean!” another user commented.

The video has garnered over 92,500 likes and 1,245 likes since this writing.


Feature Image via Twitter @mumbaimatterz

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