Baymax returns to San Fransokyo in new trailer for ‘Big Hero 6’ sequel series

  • Disney released a new trailer for their “Big Hero 6” animated spinoff series “Baymax!”
  • The company also announced that the six-episode series will be released to Disney Plus on June 29.

Baymax is coming back to save the streets of San Fransokyo.

The adorable health companion AI from the 2014 Disney film “Big Hero 6” is getting its own animated spinoff show on Disney Plus, aptly titled “Baymax!” The streaming platform recently announced that the six-episode series will be released on June 29.

Disney dropped a new trailer over the weekend featuring a hyper-alert Baymax tending to any signs of pain or discomfort from unsuspecting citizens. A grown-up Hiro, carrying on the legacy of his older brother Tadashi, also makes a return in the series along with his aunt Cass.

“I thought it would be fun to do a Disney+ series with Baymax interacting with normal folks,” Don Hall, creator of “Big Hero 6” and the upcoming “Baymax!” series, said in a press release. “In each of our six episodes, Baymax just wants to help someone — and a lot of times they don’t want to be helped. He sets out to fix a physical issue that he’s identified, and in the process, gets to a deeper, more emotional place and can be almost transformative in that role.”

“Big Hero 6” was previously followed up by the 2D animated Disney Channel series  “Big Hero 6: The Series,” featuring Hiro with his friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred as they guarded their city from danger. The show ended in 2021 after three seasons.

Catch the new trailer for “Baymax!” below:


Feature Image via Walt Disney Animation Studios

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