Some Bay Area Moms Worry Boba Tea is Destroying Their Children’s Future

Parents of students in Millbrae, California have recently voiced their concerns over what they perceive to be the biggest danger that could ruin their children’s future: local boba tea shops.

The claims, which apparently place Boba’s notoriety alongside teen pregnancy and drugs, were spotted on Nextdoor, a private social networking service for neighborhoods.

One particular post, highlighted by the Best of Nextdoor Twitter account, proclaimed how boba tea shops in Millbrae could be detrimental to the students:

“I agree with the lady who spoke at the public hearing who said that kids hanging out at boba milk tea shops are throwing their futures away when they should be studying SATs, nonstop.”

While there are no further details about the mentioned “public hearing,” knowing that one woman stood up to link low test scores with tapioca pearls is already noteworthy.

She might have pointed out how instead of the students focusing their valuable time and energy slurping those enticing beverage, they could have been reviewing their lectures without pause.

Online, however, many have (mockingly) taken the side of the concerned parents:

“Wow,” one Twitter user wrote. “Who woulda thought that alcohol and drugs weren’t what would do us in. It’s those sneaky boba tapioca balls! We are all doomed!”

“I guess that’s why I never finished grad school,” one boba victim revealed.

Sadly, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke.

Feature Image via YouTube / BuzzfeedBlue

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