Bay Area’s Air Quality is Currently Worse than India and China

As a result of the Butte County Camp Fire, the deadliest fire of the State’s history, the air quality in Northern California is currently the worst in the world.

According to NBC, smoke from the fire continues to smother the Bay Area, blanketing cities and prompting public school closures. Health officials are encouraging netizens to stay indoors and to wear a N95 mask when going outside.



Areas across the Bay are scoring “very unhealthy” with Air Quality Index values of 220 and up, even beating out cities like New Dehli, India. An AQI reading of 35-70 is considered already high enough to encourage people to stay indoors, NBC stated.

It was reported just last month that India is home to 10 of the most air polluted cities in the world.


Please consider donating to the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund if you are looking to help with the fires. 

Featured images via Twitter / @JKM2347

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