Once ‘Poor and Fat,’ German Tycoon Now Spends $100K a Month on Lavish Lifestyle

A Beverly Hills playboy and his wife are turning heads with their version of the “Baywatch” lifestyle called the “
Ever since Bastian Yotta was a young boy in Munich, Germany, he has been obsessed with “Baywatch.” Now that he is 38, he is finally living the life he has always desired, according to the New York Daily News.
“I had a vision which I have now made come true – I have created my own Baywatch and my girl is hotter than Pamela Anderson.”
Yotta’s life wasn’t always filled with luxury and good looks. He revealed in a post:
“A few years ago I was poor, fat and unhappy. My life was my enemy. But one day I made a decision: I took responsibility and created a vision of myself. I decided that whatever it needs to get there I will do. Yes it was hard. Yes I was afraid to fail. But I always kept moving forward and forced myself to believe!”
Yotta is an entrepreneur who runs successful beauty and software companies. He is known for coaching women on building their businesses and helping them attain similar lifestyles. 
Yotta’s business mantra is, “It’s not important what other people think of you. It’s important how you think about yourself.”
Yotta’s wife, Maria, 27, is the starlet of their increasingly popular Instagram account. She is often seen flaunting her expensive clothes, killer body and luxurious lifestyle in the account’s photos.
According to the Yottas, if you want it bad enough, you will get it. Their motto, however, led to a way of life that didn’t quite assimilate with German values. Bastian said that people in Germany would often spit on his Ferrari and judge his wife for her large breasts, but in Los Angeles, people not only accepted their lifestyle but respected them. 
“I immediately fell in love with the place. The beautiful beaches, the beautiful girls, I wanted it all.”
The Yottas spend roughly $100,000 a month to cover the expenses of living in a 10-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills, according to the Daily Mail. They are known for their exotic pool parties, lavish spending sprees and super-charged sports cars. 
“When you shop at this high level it is extremely expensive. You can spend $3,000 on a dress, $4,000 on some shoes and $6,000 on a bag – in no time at all you’ve spent $50,000 but that’s not a problem for us.”
The Yottas have been offered opportunities to star on reality TV shows as their Playboy Mansion lifestyle has recently gained public interest. However, their partying has created resentment among some of their neighbors. 
“Before we moved in it was a party house. The owner rented it out for one weekend or two weekends at a time. Consequently, those people didn’t care about the neighborhood.”
That is not the type of neighbor Bastian wants to be, however. He said that his neighbors can discuss any problems with him in person.
“Always, communication between human beings is the best solution. If you have a problem, tell me.”
The Yottas usually keep their parties to around 50 people, but their red carpet housewarming party reached around 350 people and consisted of live music, a caged lion and shuttles of beautiful women.
Although their parties, women and extravagant lifestyle have been the root of several complaints, the Yottas have no intent on slowing down. Bastian said:
“Maybe the neighbors are seeing beautiful girls walking in, walking out; maybe some of them get jealous.”
Even their landlord, Patrick Fitzgerald, said:
“You’ve got to let people that are renting a big, beautiful mansion and are paying a lot do whatever they want.”
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