Naomi Osaka announces second Barbie doll, sells out in a couple hours

Naomi Osaka announces second Barbie doll, sells out in a couple hours
Thy Nguyen
July 12, 2021
Mattel designed a new Barbie doll modeled after tennis star Naomi Osaka as part of their Role Model series. 
The doll: This is the second time Barbie created a doll after Osaka. The first one was in 2019 as part of Mattel’s 60th Anniversary collection, reported Los Angeles Times
  • The current figure wears a Nike tennis dress “highlighted with brushstroke prints in pink and blue” and was inspired by her outfit at the Australian Open in 2020, according to Hypebae
  • The back of the box features a biography of Osaka and refers to her as “a powerful athlete and champion for change,” accompanied by a photograph and quote from her saying that you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone because “the path that you’re on is yours and yours only.” 
  • The doll is already sold out on Barbie’s site, but can be found on Amazon for $29.99, tweeted Barbie.
  • “It’s such an honor to be a part of the Barbie Role Model series, and to remind young girls that they can make a difference in the world. I want young girls everywhere to feel empowered to dream big and to know that if they believe in themselves that anything is possible,” Osaka stated.
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Reactions to the doll: Osaka shared the news in an Instagram post and garnered positive reactions. One user stated that the Barbie dolls she had growing up were cool, but they were “no Naomi Osaka” with another comment stating that Osaka is “so deserving of the role model doll.” 
  • “I am so happy that we see the day [where] diversity in toys also includes beautifully cultural mixtures. I never had this growing up,” wrote one of Osaka’s fans. 
  • Mattel’s Global Head of Barbie & Dolls Lisa McKnight said that Osaka has “paved the way for future generations of girls to dream bigger” and “shown the world the importance of being your own biggest champion” through her “unwavering courage and honesty.”
  • Twitter users also said they would add her doll to their collection and congratulated her.
  • “You are a beacon of light. You make me proud to be Japanese. How amazing now [that] we have a doll that celebrates both African and Asian heritages!” tweeted one user.
Featured Image via @Barbie (left), Australian Open TV (right)
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