Barbershop Quartet ‘Asian-splains’ Why ‘Asians Don’t Like Asians’

Barbershop Quartet ‘Asian-splains’ Why ‘Asians Don’t Like Asians’Barbershop Quartet ‘Asian-splains’ Why ‘Asians Don’t Like Asians’
Khier Casino
May 3, 2018
Asians are often bullied and teased because of their racial characteristics by those who are not of Asian descent, but a short sketch by Funny or Die shows that people who are the most racist could be your own race.
In the sketch written by Asian Gracefully’s Woody Fu and featuring Fu, SJ Son, Fumi Abe, Chris Simpson and Sam Rogal, we see the “top three Asian countries” explain intra-Asian racism to America.
So where does this form of racism come from?
In the “Whitest way possible” as a barbershop trio, China (Fu), South Korea (Son), Japan (Abe) “Asian-splain” to America (Rogal) how people of Asian descent are racist against other Asians.
Past wars between Asian countries generated a lot of hate and tensions. Fu and Son belt out the first verse pointing fingers at Japan for doing “some f***ed up sh*t” in World War II, and ends with Abe saying “it’s all propaganda!”
In China, the trio explain that people literally stand shoulder to shoulder because of overpopulation and how Cantonese sounds like barking dogs as Fu bellowsYAU MOU GAO CUO!!!” or “are you kidding me?” It’s also “dirty, and gross, and covered in smog.”
As for South Korea, Fu and Abe describe the people there as “tacky and flashy” who get “too much plastic surgery”…and that is all. They explain that South Korea only gets half a verse because it’s “half a country.”
The trio also manages to stomp the stereotype that Asians all look the same, but they forgot to include the Philippines, who comes into the picture when China, South Korea, and Japan sing that they are “the Big Three.”
When White America, who claims to understand and jumps in to say that South Korea is the “worst,” all four Asian countries are visibly upset.
While the video was created in jest, “Asians Don’t Like Asians” is enlightening and thought-provoking — and is sure to make you crack a smile.
Featured image via YouTube / Woody Fu
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