‘Put that on TikTok so Chinese can look at that’: Cincinnati bar says ‘yes’ to racism in viral video

‘Put that on TikTok so Chinese can look at that’: Cincinnati bar says ‘yes’ to racism in viral video
Bryan Ke
September 30, 2021
An Ohio bar has removed its internet footprints after a viral TikTok video showed some of its staff and patrons allegedly admitting to being racist.
Allegedly racist bar: 312 Bar in Deer Park, Ohio, caused outrage online after TikTok user @melissaequality posted a video showing the staff and some of the bar’s patrons getting into an argument with the social media user, according to Daily Dot.
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  • Although @melissaequality took down the original video, other TikTok and social media users managed to get copies of it to upload to their own accounts, often with added commentaries. One of them was @TizzyEnt, who has over 3.5 million followers on TikTok.
  • The clip starts with @melissaequality in the middle of a heated discussion with a bar employee, telling her, “…the person who stands up for a whole race.” Soon after, a patron replies to the user and says, “That’s right. Put that on TikTok so Chinese can look at that.”
  • The woman behind the bar tells the TikTok user, “Go f*ckin’ tell your 30,000 followers that…” to which @melissaequality then interrupts to finish the bartender’s sentence with, “That this is a racist bar, and they shouldn’t come here, right?”
  • Two patrons sitting by the bar assert “Yes” to the TikTok user’s question. It is not clear if the bartender also concurs with the patrons’ answer or if she says “yes” to be sarcastic.
The reaction: Many social media users criticized the bar for its alleged racism, including TikTok users @TizzyEnt and @soogia1.
  • So if you happen to find yourself in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you’re thirsty. Let me show you where you don’t want to go for a drink,” @TizzyEnt says in the intro of his video.
  • You heard it,” @soogia1, who is Korean and has more than 310,000 followers, exclaims after hearing the people agree in the video. “They admitted it themselves. It’s a racist bar, and they don’t want you to go there.”
The aftermath: Twitter users shared 312 Bar’s alleged apology on Facebook before the bar took down its account or put it on private.
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  • The bar’s website, 312bar.com, also seems to be down with only the text “Error establishing a database connection” on the page. Its Yelp review section was also disabled after receiving an influx of negative reviews.
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