Aspiring TV Star Robs Bank of $90,000 in 5 Minutes in Vietnam

Aspiring TV Star Robs Bank of $90,000 in 5 Minutes in Vietnam

October 14, 2020
A woman who had dreams of becoming TV-famous ended up getting her wish after attempting to pull a bank heist in Vietnam.
Infamy and misfortune: Phung Thi Thang, 24, made local and international headlines this week after successfully robbing 2.1 billion Vietnamese Dong (over $90,600) from a Ho Chi Minh City bank in just five minutes, VN Express reports. 
  • On Oct. 10, Thang walked into the bank wearing a cap, a long-sleeve top and a face mask, according to AsiaOne.
  • She then placed a bag on a teller’s counter and threatened to detonate a bomb if they refused to hand her money. 
  • Thang immediately fled using the taxi she arrived in after a bank employee filled her bag with cash.
  • The firefighters responded to the potential bomb threat and police barricaded the area to protect civilians. 
  • It was later revealed that Thang’s bomb threat was a hoax.
  • Thang apparently created a fake bomb out of five small gas bottles, a petroleum bottle, an LED light string and a lighter.
  • Despite a change in attire to mislead authorities, Thang was still captured three hours after the robbery.
Aspiring star: Before getting media attention for her alleged crime, Thang made multiple attempts to get famous on local television. 
  • Local media reported how the woman joined numerous TV contests and game shows to become a celebrity.
  • However, she spent a lot of money in her bid to become famous. 
  • She would later tell police that she was forced to rob a bank after incurring a large amount of debt. 
  • Following her arrest, compilation footage of her previous TV appearances emerged on YouTube and began making rounds on social media.
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