St. Louis Banh Mi Shop Donates Meals to Hospital Workers Battling COVID-19

banh mi shop

The Banh Mi Shop in Missouri is just one of many businesses that have decided to donate food to those helping on the front lines of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The St. Louis sandwich shop, owned by Jimmy Trinh, celebrated its one-month opening by donating 30 meals to MoBap Hospital. They later shared their good deed on Facebook.

“We know we can’t feed the whole hospital but we all have to do what we can, even if it’s just helping feed one department,” the post read.

The shop also posted on @thebanhmishopstl Instagram which received plenty of thanks and congratulations from supporters.

“Happy 1 month!!! Pay it forward!!!” one user commented.

“Happy one month! You guys are amazing!” anther wrote.

Following the overwhelming support from the community, the shop decided to donate meals again, this time to SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.

Trinh said that the inspiration came when his friend offered to buy meals from them to support the start of his business.

“The response from our community has been beyond our expectations… we really just wanted to come together as a community to get through this so we can all get back to our “normal” lives…. only advice for those that are still fighting is we can only get through this as a community… doing right things to protect ourselves and those around us and we will all come out of this together,” Trinh said.

Feature Images via @thebanhmishopstl

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