This Banh Mi Looks Extremely Delicious Until You See What it’s Wrapped With

For those who don’t know, Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that’s extremely delicious and if you haven’t had it, you are truly missing out.
I mean c’mon, look how incredible this work of art looks!
One photo is making it’s rounds today on reddit’s front page showing what looks like a great looking Banh Mi sandwich…
Image via reddit
…Until you look closer to see what it’s wrapped with. Does it look familiar?
Yup, it’s wrapped in what kids use to practice their cursive handwriting. Meaning some little child’s (probably unwashed) hands touched it. Meaning you can’t even imagine where that paper has been.
There are even stains on it! Maybe it’s from the food. Maybe it’s not. Maybe they’re boogers. This is every germophobe’s worst nightmare.
The top reddit comment pretty much sums up most of our thoughts.
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