Bangladeshi Construction Worker’s Stare Breaks the Internet

Bangladeshi Construction Worker’s Stare Breaks the InternetBangladeshi Construction Worker’s Stare Breaks the Internet
Many netizens are in awe after seeing the soul-piercing stare of a Bangladeshi construction worker in Malaysia.
Malaysian photographer Abeden Mung captured the now-viral picture last Thursday, March 21, at an MRT construction site near Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In his post, he described that at first, he didn’t get the chance to take a picture of the man.
First I met him when I was doing a vlog. (I) didn’t had the chance to snap because I was filming but today, this morning, he was there again,” the photographer said in his series of Twitter posts, as translated by AsiaOne.
So, I quickly pull out the Pixel 2 XL instead of my other phone, the iPhone XS Max because I was texting on that phone,” he said, adding that he knew that day would be a good shot given the perfect lighting at the location and the man’s perfect clothes. More importantly, the photographer could see that the man possessed what he described to be, “must be photographed eyes.”
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It took him quite some time before he managed to take the viral photo of the mesmerizing Bangladeshi man.
He was very shy. He didn’t really know where to look at, maybe because this is a phone? I pointed to the camera many times, and many shots were not good. It was only until he truly looked at the camera. I finally got it. Isn’t he beautiful?” he continued.
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While most of the comments in the thread expressed how they were all captivated by the man’s eyes, one user joked about purchasing a Google Pixel, the phone that Abeden Mung used to capture the image.
“I’m so dumping my iPhone 6s and getting Google Pixel next lol,” the commenter wrote.
Featured image via Instagram / tkdnxv
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