Thai Netizens Embarrassed After British Racer Shames Bangkok Motorcyclists on the Sidewalk

Grand Prix motorcycle racer Scott Redding has gone viral in Thailand after shaming a bunch of riders who cut off traffic by getting their wheels on a sidewalk.

The British racer filmed the scene on Monday, a day after placing 16th in the Thailand MotoGP race at Chang International Circuit in Buriram Province.


In the video, Redding captures five motorcyclists who had no problem beating a traffic jam in Bangkok.

“No f**ks given here,” Redding says. “Traffic jam? No problem, babs. We hook her up onto the sidewalk and just go.”

One even carried a child.

The video, which Redding posted as an Instagram Story, quickly spread among locals who called for a stop on such a practice.

Facebook users commented:


“Holy sh*t.”

“I’m f**king ashamed.”

“The law in this place isn’t taken seriously, so who’s scared?”

“How embarrassing is this? We have to be lectured by a foreigner.”

“This is Thailand. Free land.”

“We need to change.”

“It’s such a shame the whole world sees this.”

“This is really the habit of people around here.”

“Sigh. I’ve had it with Thai people. I’m tired.”

Thailand has a concerning reputation regarding its motorcyclists. Last year, the country had one of the world’s highest death rates in road accidents, recording 36.2 for every 100,000 (66 per day).

Of these fatalities, 73% (48 per day) occurred among motorcyclists, way above the 49% global average among vulnerable road users that include the group, according to the World Health Organization.

Images via Instagram / @reddingpower

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