Vietnam Threatens to Expel Chinese Tourists After A Banana Vendor Gets Abused

A few unruly Chinese tourists may have ruined it for the rest of China that wants to travel and perhaps visit Vietnam one day.

A video of a few Chinese tourists behaving rudely towards a Vietnamese banana vendor has made its way online. The incident, which happened earlier this month in Da Nang, has provoked outrage.

Nguyen Duy Khoai, a musician based in Da Nang, shared the footage on his Facebook page. According to Tuoi Tre News, the tourists grabbed some bananas from the vendor, ate them and then threw the peels back into her bamboo basket.

The vendor asked her customers to pay for the bananas they had already eaten. They insisted on paying her in Chinese currency, which is illegal, and then attempted to bargain with her. After they heckled her and took her hat, the vendor caved in and took their money so that they would leave her alone.The Vietnamese government announced that they would not tolerate unruly Chinese tourists in Vietnam.

“[We have noticed that] some tourists behave badly, like talking loudly in public,” said Ngo Quang Vinh, head of the city’s Tourism Department, according to VnExpress.

“Whoever comes here must follow Vietnamese law,” Nguyen Xuan Anh, a top official warned. The Vietnamese government will “not refrain from expelling people who behave badly.”

h/t: Shanghaiist

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