Man Who Attacked 2 Asian American Women in Baltimore Charged With Hate Crimes

Man Who Attacked 2 Asian American Women in Baltimore Charged With Hate CrimesMan Who Attacked 2 Asian American Women in Baltimore Charged With Hate Crimes
A man initially charged with aggravated assault for violent attacks on two Korean American sisters in Baltimore last month is now facing hate crimes charges along with attempted murder. 
The incident: The suspect, identified as Darryl Doles, 50, reportedly ransacked three separate Asian-owned liquor stores in West Baltimore around midnight on May 2. In one of them, he was caught on surveillance using a concrete block to bash the heads of Hy-Shin Williams, 67, and her sister, Hye-kyong Yun, 66, reported CBS Baltimore
  • Court documents revealed that Doles was denied entry by Linden Discount Liquors at around 11:25 p.m. because he refused to wear a mask.” He left and returned “with a large piece of lumber and attacked the security guard.” Ten minutes later, he entered 40/40 Liquors, “kicked a display window display, and said f**k Chinese.”
  • Shortly after, the suspect entered the third store, Wonder Land Liquors on Pennsylvania Avenue, where he allegedly attacked the two women.
  • Williams ordered him to leave and called police after he started “kicking the display window, knocking things over, and causing a disturbance,” according to a press release regarding the indictment. He then reportedly attacked her and Yun, who came over to help, with a concrete block.  
  • The victims, who sustained head and face injuries, were both hospitalized. Williams’ head required stitching, reported Baltimore Sun.
The indictment: On Monday, a grand jury in Baltimore indicted Doles on 22 criminal charges, including nine hate-crime counts, attempted murder, assault and destruction of property.
Image via Baltimore City Police Department
  • The indictment noted that when asked why he hurt the victims, Doles said, “They need to go back to their country. I’ll order out before I eat that motherf****** food.”
  • Doles, who is held without bail, could face up to two life sentences plus 65 years in prison, according to the Associated Press.
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