Bali Hotel Worker Loses Job After NZ Woman Accuses Him of Asking for ‘Blow Job’

Bali Hotel Worker Loses Job After NZ Woman Accuses Him of Asking for ‘Blow Job’
Ryan General
February 6, 2018
An Indonesian hotel employee has found himself in an international controversy after a New Zealand woman posted a video on Facebook accusing him of sexual misconduct.
In the eight-and-a-half minute clip, tourist Aneta Baker focused her camera on the unnamed male staff member as they engaged in a conversation about a refund on January 31. She apparently had an extra night added to her bill by mistake after a miscommunication in the booking at the Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta in Bali, Indonesia and she was seeking to correct it.
In a long caption, Baker wrote that the man had reportedly agreed to give her a refund but she would have to give him a “blow job”. The woman claims she began filming the conversation after hearing the man’s shocking suggestion.
“Listen out for what he says 0:09 seconds in It’s quiet but I caught him!
Me: So you want me to give you what?
Him: ***something inappropriate***
🙀 yea I caught it on video!!!
“Sisters you know if something is not right and you’re allowed to speak up!!! Brothers if you overhear something of the sort, stand up for her, speak up! To all I say be bold and be brave, you are worth the world and should never be put in this situation or have someone propose such a thing to you!” the tourist wrote.
Her video has been viewed over 3.7 million times, generating thousands of shares and almost a hundred comments.
While her sentiments may indeed be coming from a perspective of someone who felt offended, some observers pointed out that she might have just misheard what the man actually said. As Facebook user Ditta Triwidianti explained, instead of “blowjob”, the man may actually be suggesting a “voucher” to compensate for the billing error, which would indeed make much more sense.
Triwidianti wrote in her post:

I am so shocked seeing this post being shared so many times everywhere and how people judge this guy and praise this woman for speaking up and being brave.

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% against sexual harassment, I am a feminist and I understand social media justice sometimes happen and do the right work.

But people, if you ever really watch the entire video and look at her post again, this is really a misunderstanding. Here’s how I see it: This guy did a mistake with her booking at the hotel he worked, he wants to try give a solution by giving her a VOUCHER, which then make much more sense to the whole context of the conversation, that he will spend from his own pocket instead of processing through a hotel, not a BLOWJOB, FFS!

Stop sharing Mrs. Aneta Baker’s post, besides if this is really not what he meant (BJ and sexually harass the guest) her post is a defamation, if you experience sexual harassment report it to the hotel management/police not making drama out of social media. And can be one of the worst public bullying ever.

I don’t know both of them in person but really this is disturbing me. I can see in her post how the guy’s good intention bring him a very bad outcome. How if this guy is really innocent- his family; parents, wife, kids feel about this. Or even worse, he might feel depressed/commit suicide. So please, please, be smart before sharing or commenting post like this, think what damage can cause to someone’s life.


Watching the video and listening intently to what the man says at the 0:09 mark of the video, it does plausibly sound like he is saying “voucher” instead of “blowjob”.
It should also be taken into consideration that the man obviously is not a native English speaker as evident in some of the words he also mispronounces throughout the conversation. While he might sound like he was going along with Baker’s insinuation he meant blowjob, it could be possible that he might not have picked up on what the woman was saying.
Netizens also pointed out that many of the exchanges in the entire conversation don’t really make sense. Once the context of the conversation is considered, it would make more sense to offer a voucher rather than ask for a blowjob after finding an error on a customer’s bill.  
The now-viral incident, which will reportedly be investigated by hotel management, has already resulted in the firing of the unnamed employee. Ramada confirmed such developments on Sunday via a statement published on its Facebook page.
“We deeply regret that the guest experienced this in our hotel. Of course, we do not condone this behavior from our staff members. The staff member no longer works at our hotel and is being investigated. We offer our full support and cooperation to the affected guest,” according to the statement reported by CNN (as translated by Coconuts Media).
In the most recent development, Indonesian police claim that the man has admitted to saying blowjob, putting him in violation of Indonesia’s strict anti-pornography laws. He is not currently jailed, however.
Feature image via Facebook/ Aneta Baker
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