‘The most expensive trash bag in the world’: Balenciaga stokes ridicule with $1,790 trash pouches

  • Balenciaga is currently making headlines after releasing a trash bag-inspired drawstring sack that costs $1,790.
  • The bag, officially known as the “Trash Pouch,” first appeared in the luxury fashion house’s Winter 2022 collection show in March.
  • In an interview with Women's Wear Daily, Creative Director Demna Gvasalia said he could not miss the opportunity to make “the most expensive trash bag in the world.”
  • Balenciaga has positioned itself as a trendsetter for the absurd in recent years and sparked a similar controversy in May with its “extremely worn” sneakers.

Just months after drawing flak in China and elsewhere for $1,900 “extremely worn” sneakers, Balenciaga has once again stirred the pot with the release of what it claims to be the world’s “most expensive trash bag.”

The drawstring sack, officially known as the “Trash Pouch,” debuted during the luxury fashion house’s Winter 2022 collection show in March but went viral just recently after becoming available in-store.

Made from supple calfskin leather, the Trash Pouch will set back those with the “disposable” income a good $1,790. It reportedly comes in four colorways: black, white and red, blue and black or yellow and black.

“Nothing like throwing away trash in style,” one Twitter user wrote of the bag.

“IDK how to feel about @BALENCIAGA and their new ‘Trash Pouch,’” another user commented. “I’ve been wearing this exact look for YEARS taking out the trash Sunday nights. Winter ‘22 my right eye!”

Balenciaga, which has carved a name for itself with controversial fashion statements in recent years, acknowledged the recent release: “I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?” Creative Director Demna Gvasalia reportedly told Women’s Wear Daily.


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Needless to say, the scandal has proved a success. While some pointed out the ridiculousness of the Trash Pouch, others claimed to see Gvasalia’s genius.

“Demna is this generation’s king of conversational pieces,” one Instagram user wrote. “The amount of items he’s designed that have caused controversy and even sparked trends. I could go on for days!”

Another proclaimed, “Call me crazy but I actually love the trash bag piece!”

Featured Image via Balenciaga

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