Baker Becomes Instagram Famous For Making Visually Satisfying Pies

Baker Becomes Instagram Famous For Making Visually Satisfying Pies
Bryan Ke
May 1, 2018
The Seattle, Washington-based baker behind Loko Kitchen, Lauren Ko, uses pie as her canvas to create colorful and mathematically precise shapes and styles.
Earlier this year, Ko only had about 100,000 followers on Instagram, according to Munchies. However, a few months later, her fans on the social media platform grew exponentially, now sitting at 174,000.
She crafts unconventional designs using different ingredients when making her pies, such as fruits and dough.
She even bake pies that will make you feel a bit dizzy just by looking at it.
Here’s another.
Blueberry spiral pie anyone?
Better grab a cloth or something because this one is just too much to handle. Check out that chocolatey goodness combined with sweet strawberries.
Here’s a chicken pot pie with a complimentary flower on top – not sure if that’s edible though.
“Resting Peach Face.” Ko really loves to make punny captions – get it? Funny?
You just gotta love some of her captions: “cross my tart and hope to pie.”
Check her some of her other works below:
Follow her other social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) as well for more updates.
Images via Instagram / lokokitchen
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