Badass Taiwanese Granny Becomes Instagram Famous With Her Streetwear Swag

An 88-year-old Taiwanese woman is making waves in social media thanks to her timeless killer style.

Her name is Moon Lin, and she’s got at least 90,000 followers on Instagram!

Unlike most of her peers, Lin documents her life in snaps, where she sports rockstar shirts, ripped jeans, specs and caps like everyday wear.

Lin does not feel limited by her age at all. In fact, she sees it as a reason to live freely!

She wrote in one of her posts (via Mashable):

“The good thing about being 88 is that you can just wear what you want! No one can control me! I intend to try something new each day. Shall I get a tattoo tomorrow? Life begins at 88.”

Aside from being a fashionista, Lin appears to be an awesome cook too, as she shares photos of food she prepares and dines on.

Check out more of her photos:

Keep slaying, Lin!

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