Badass Japanese Store Clerk Stops Robbery Using Wooden Kendo Sword

Equipped with his bokuto or bokken — a wooden training sword used in kendo — and a strong will to protect his store, a Japanese clerk prevented a potential robbery in a very badass way.

The incident took place at the Shimojima Minami branch of Circle Kin in Shizuoka, Japan. According to SoraNews24, an unidentified man wearing a ski mask entered the convenience store at around 4:00 a.m. on October 16 while carrying a crowbar.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Megabait (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The clerk, who only identified himself as a first dan in kendo — a ranking system used in Japanese martial arts — already knew that the man was at the establishment to commit a robbery. The clerk asked him if he was there for the money, to which the robber replied, “That’s right.”

Someone who is in that situation would normally give in to the suspect’s demands. However, the clerk was not in a giving mood at the time.

After hitting the alarm button to tip off the police, the clerk quickly picked up his bokuto, and proceeded to get into a fighting stance to intimidate the robber. To add more intensity into the standoff, the man warned the culprit that he was a first dan, a first level class in the Japanese sword-fighting discipline.

The robber had three options: get beaten up by the clerk, get caught by the police and put behind bars, or run away. He chose the latter and fled the scene.

The clerk has since been been hailed as a hero by netizens for his bravery and badassery.

Featured Images via YouTube / SBSnews6

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