Badass Japanese Kid Finishes Essay Homework With Two Epic Sentences

Badass Japanese Kid Finishes Essay Homework With Two Epic Sentences
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
May 25, 2017
A Japanese boy has unintentionally inspired the internet when his witty work on a school assignment surfaced online.
Twitter user @momoharurin shared the work of his son on Monday, ushering a stream of positive comments from netizens.
The assignment, which came in the form of a worksheet, instructed students to “look back on what you did this week.”
However, instead of spending some time to reflect, @momoharurin’s son finished the lengthy task in just two sentences:

“I won’t look back. The only thing I’ll do is keep moving forward.”

To this, @momoharurin couldn’t help but comment, “My son’s journal is like something out of a rock song.”
Interestingly, eagle-eyed netizens noticed right then and there that the kid actually lived by his philosophy already. According to SoraNews24, the Japanese for “move forward,” susumu, is supposedly written as 進む. However, the boy wrote 進すむ, which reads as sususumu and translates to “nothing.”
The boy did not erase his mistake, so that’s where he gets points for walking his talk!
We’re not exactly sure what his teacher thought of his work, or what mark he got for that matter. Still, we can all be thankful to one kid’s sagely advice.
In the end, it’s a perfect score from the internet, kiddo!
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