Badass 73-Year-Old “Goddess Granny” Photoshoot Goes Viral on Social Media

A 73-year-old woman is turning heads on Chinese social media for having looks that defy aging as we know it.

Meet Huang Yanshen, your granny-next-door whose youthful photos can’t be ignored.

Netizens have dubbed her “Goddess Granny,” and that doesn’t need much explaining.

She can go badass, sassy, cute and carefree — you name it.

According to Shanghaiist, Huang’s photos were taken by Xiaoye Jesse in the city of Xiamen. He has captured around 1,000 stunning shots of her!

Check out more of her photos below (via NetEase):

With these, Huang certainly adds up to our roster of cool fashionista grannies!

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