Badass Chinese Woman Punches Man in the Face for Attempting to Kill Puppy

Two really badass women saved the day when they rescued a puppy from a man who allegedly tried to kill it.

A video posted on Facebook showed how two Chinese women saved a puppy in the hands of an abuser. It was believed that the man in the video tied the puppy’s hind legs for fun, and then two women caught him red-handed.

When the woman wearing a red coat asked him why he tied the dog up, the man could not give them a proper answer and it was at that point when the two grew furious.

The woman smacked the man right in the face when the guy said that the ordeal was “just for fun.”

The viral video already received more than 1 million views and has been shared past 15,000 times.

“There are some kind people in China! All is not completely lost. More citizens need to stand up for what’s right like her. Well done lady,” a netizen said.

Many commenters praised the two women for their “heroic” act.

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