Badass Chinese Policeman Jumps on Car As It Speeds Away

Badass Chinese Policeman Jumps on Car As It Speeds AwayBadass Chinese Policeman Jumps on Car As It Speeds Away
Ryan General
February 27, 2017
A Chinese traffic officer was taken for a wild ride after he grabbed onto a fleeing vehicle’s hood.
The driver of the car reportedly sped off during a traffic stop in Xinchang, Zhejiang province on February 20, reports Huanqiu (via Daily Mail).
The officer was immediately rushed to a hospital where he remains under observation. According to his doctors, the victim had strained the muscle in his left hand and sustained damage to the cartilage in his chest.
CCTV footage showed how the vehicle pointed towards the officer, landing him on the car’s hood where he desperately held on to his dear life.
He then banged on the car’s window, signaling the driver to stop but the car drove on, carrying the poor traffic officer for about one kilometer.
“At that time, I grabbed the hood with one hand and grabbed his front windshield with a walkie-talkie, hoping he could stop but he did not pay any attention to me,” the officer was quoted as saying.
He said that he was trying to stop the driver from running through a yellow light. The runaway car was forced to stop after other cars helped by blocking its path. The erring driver has been arrested by local authorities and is now detained pending further investigation.
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