Badass Chinese Grandma Takes Up Paragliding as a Hobby

A 69-year-old granny from China took up an unusual hobby that will put others half her age to shame.

Li Jiaxin is an avid paraglider from Jilin, China. She started learning how to paraglide back in 2008. At her age, people might think that she is too old and fragile for this kind of extreme sport, but Li did not let that misconception stop her from seeking the thrill of this one-of-a-kind hobby.

According to Shanghaiist, Li is considered the oldest paraglider in China and although she has mastered the sport, she cannot be granted a license to compete in any events because of her age.

While she enjoys paragliding, Li said that she has not tried anything too risky since she hopes to continue paragliding in the years to come.

So while many elderly in China devote themselves in staying at home, tidying, mahjong, and occasional out of town holidays, this awesome grandma has taken her idea of retirement to new heights.

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