Badass Asian Woman Fights Off Robber After Getting Stabbed in Australia

Badass Asian Woman Fights Off Robber After Getting Stabbed in AustraliaBadass Asian Woman Fights Off Robber After Getting Stabbed in Australia
A brave Asian woman in Melbourne managed to prevent a thug from getting away with her cash register by fighting back, prompting the armed robber to retreat.
Single mother Anita Chen survived the first ever armed robbery she has faced in her 14 years of tending the Carlton North shop.
According to 7News, the robber was eventually caught before he could get away with the cash register thanks to a couple of bystanders who rushed to Chen’s aid after noticing the commotion. Despite successfully warding off the culprit, she still suffered from some knife wounds and bleeding after the altercation.
Fortunately, Chen was able to survive the life-threatening situation albeit with a few battle scars including stitches on her fingers and a wound on her stomach. The single mother explained how her display of bravery helped her fight off the robber, saying, “I don’t want them thinking I am a woman and not big enough so they can take advantage of me.”
Chen revealed that she would still muster up the courage if a similar incident ever occurs again, believing that “no one deserves this.” Local residents expressed their admiration and gratitude towards the woman by saying that she’s “always nice and friendly” and that she’s “always there to help.”
“She’s a legend,” one of Chen’s customers exclaimed.
Meanwhile, the mother was fortunate enough that her courage worked in her favor, but not everyone who faces this kind of situation are fortunate enough to make it out of it alive.
A similar incident occurred at a convenience store in Panama City where armed robbers threatened the life of Chinese store clerk Pan Ziying. The 17-year-old store clerk was held at gun point as robbers proceeded to empty the cash register, but unlike the previous case the girl did not survive her terrifying ordeal as she was shot and eventually died moments later.
Screenshots via 7News Melbourne
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