Japanese Ad Claims Over 50% of Foreigners Think Japanese Peoples’ Breaths Stink

A Japanese toothpaste and mouthwash brand unveiled a new ad showing foreigners getting annoyed by locals with bad breath.

Check out the ad below:


In a survey, oral care brand Sunstar asked 500 foreigners this question: “Have you ever spoken to a Japanese person and noticed they had stinky breath?”

Based on the findings, one out of two foreigners are irked by meeting Japanese people with halitosis, reports SoraNews24.

Sunstar has since released a new ad called “Feel Japan” promoting their line of oral care goods in anticipation of the influx of foreigners arriving in the country for the 2020 Olympics.

The commercial, which depicted embarrassing situations in a humorous manner, claims that Sunstar’s toothpaste and mouthwash can create a better impression on foreigners.

The clip shows foreigners encountering bad breath at Japanese inns, hotel reception desks, restaurants and out on the street when asking for directions. 

It is worth noting that since dental care in Japan is covered by health insurance, Japanese people do not necessarily have bad teeth in general.

As with most dental products elsewhere in the world, Sunstar naturally tackled dental hygiene in its ads, albeit in a unique, attention-grabbing manner that Japanese commercials are known for.

Featured Image via YouTube / SUNSTAR GUM JPN

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