Female Backpacker Severely Injured After Falling from the Great Wall of China

great wall of china

A female backpacker was seriously injured after falling more than 10 meters (32.8 feet) from an unrestored part of the Great Wall of China into a dense forest below in the outskirts of Beijing.

The unnamed woman reportedly missed a step while climbing the unrestored part of the Great Wall of China, often referred to as the “wild” section in Huairou district, Beijing on Sunday, according to Shanghaiist.


Video taken from the horrific accident shows rescuers, who were immediately called to rescue the woman, use safety ropes and stretchers to lift her up back to safety.

Reports did not go into details regarding the how severe the injuries she took from her fall from such a height, however, it was said that the woman was conscious when rescuers reached her, but was unable to move the upper part of her body.

great wall of china

Featured image via YouTube / 网盘电影

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