‘Baby Shark’ Got Remixed With ‘Sandstorm’ at Coachella and Wow What a Time to Be Alive

This is not a drill folks! American DJ Jauz, whose real name is Sam Vogel, actually lived up to his promise – and then some – when he played his latest remix track at Coachella last weekend.

As many EDM (Electro Dance Music) fans might remember, Jauz proposed a challenge last year when he tweeted that he will make a remix of the viral Pink Fong song “Baby Shark” if he gets 20,000 retweets, according to Mashable.

And to many people’s surprise, the 25-year-old DJ actually delivered on his promise and went even further by mashing the viral hit together with Darude’s “Sandstorm.”

In the clip, shared on Twitter by user @mmichelle_lopez, Jauz starts off the track with the ever-so-famous “Baby Shark” chorus. But as it approaches the build up, people in the audience were quite oblivious to what they were going to be hearing next. As soon as the breakdown hits, they were all caught by surprise by “Sandstorm’s” melody.

A day after the set, Jauz took to Twitter to jokingly apologize, “to all the parents who had their kids listen to my baby shark remix debut thru all my swearing.”

This was, of course, received well by the fans.

— Abigail (@Abbyliciouss_0) April 13, 2019

And of course, how could we forget one of the longest-running internet gags ever.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories

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