Emo Version of ‘Baby Shark’ May Cause Eyeliner to Magically Appear on You

YouTuber and singer David Sikabwe, who operates the channel Going Spaceward, turned the adorable viral children’s song “Baby Shark” into a pit of brooding feelings with his own dark, emo rendition.


Baby Shark” first took over the world after it went viral in Indonesia in 2017 for its catchy tunes and popularity among children, and has since enjoyed an EDM remix as well.


But Sikabwe flipped the script on the happy song and added lyrics that go:

“I didn’t think that I would die today.

They smelled my bleeding wounds a mile away.

It won’t be long. They keep a steady pace.

The ocean floor will be my resting place.

Now I can faintly hear those sirens sing.

My life is hanging from the thinnest string, the thinnest string.

They move in packs. Now they’ve surrounded me.

Not one or two; it’s a whole family.”

Sikabwe wrote in the video’s description: “This is one of those videos where you go ‘This is too weird…’ then you make it anyway.”

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories

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