Baby dressed up as Simu Liu’s career journey for Halloween

Baby dressed up as Simu Liu’s career journey for Halloween
Iris Jung
November 3, 2022
Facebook user Melissa Lee shared photos of her 3-year-old dressed up as Simu Liu at various points in his career for Halloween.
Shared with the Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, the photos of Lee’s son as Liu quickly gained popularity for their cuteness and the heartfelt message included by Lee.
Lee said she was inspired by Liu’s recently released memoir, “We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story.” 
“It gave me a new appreciation for the sacrifices and grit it took for my family to immigrate to the US,” Lee wrote. “It was a rough career journey, but Simu pursued his dream to give us the courage to pursue ours.”
“My 3 year old is not growing up in a world where he sees a hero that looks like him. Thank you Simu for all the ways you represent and advocate for our community,” Lee stated in her post’s conclusion.
Lee’s post garnered the attention of Liu himself, who shared the photos to Twitter:
“This little boy was my entire career progression for Halloween LMAOOO!!” Liu wrote.
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Facebook users quickly fell in love with the photos, sharing their enthusiasm in the comments. 
“This just made my day, thank you!” one user wrote.
“I LOVE THIS!!! Simu Liu I hope you see this young gun looking up to you,” another expressed, tagging the Marvel actor in the comments.
Another mother empathized with Lee, sharing a photo of her sons with Liu and explaining that “representation really does matter and it means a great deal to see Simu’s hard work paying off in a big way.”
“May our kids keep dreaming big!” she exclaimed at the end.
Feature Image via @simuliu
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