Elderly Cat Mauls 7 Pitbulls, Sends One Person to the Hospital

Seven pit bulls and one human sustained serious injury after crossing the most unlikely dangerous animal — a 16-year-old cat named Baby.
On Monday evening, three dog owners were walking their group of seven pit bulls in British Columbia when the cat attacked outside Betty Jean Thompson’s home. The 10-pound feline sent one dog to the vet and a dog owner to the hospital.
Thompson, Baby’s owner, was weeding her lawn when the group walked past on her property. One dog expressed friendly curiosity and walked towards Thompson. That was when Baby got defensive.
Thompson, 78, told CTV Vancouver:
“Our cat, being very protective, picked herself up and started walking that way. So I yelled, ‘Get those dogs out of here, I have a cat!’”
That was when Baby latched onto the face of Javiera Rodriguez’s pit bull, Bandita, and began clawing at her eyes and mouth. Bandita was taken to Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital where she was given antibiotics to treat her injuries.
Another dog owner, Kyla Grover, was among the three who are a part of the group called Pit Bulls of Victoria B.C. Grover attempted to separate the animals, but was hurt in doing so. She was consequently hospitalized overnight in the emergency room for her puncture wounds, cuts and cat bites.
Grover told Vancouver Sun:
“The dogs were walking by completely minding their own business. The cat just goes at all of the dogs, not backing down.”
According to Grover, the dogs were all on leashes and didn’t know how to react when the cat struck. None of them fought back and only barked during the altercation. The vet hospital thought the dogs were attacked by a raccoon. She continued:
“That’s not normal for a cat, cats are pretty skittish, especially when there’s seven dogs there. Pit bulls are just like any other dog. They’re great family pets and they didn’t stand up for themselves at all, even when a cat was attacking them.”
Thompson and her husband, Del, covered the $222 vet bill for Bandita and Grover’s hospital costs. However, Rodriguez is not too happy about her dog’s suffering. She noted the double standard for cats and dogs after reporting the incident to Saanich city and finding out that the municipality doesn’t have cat bylaws.
Rodriguez said:
“I think cats should go by the same rules as any other pets here in Victoria so we can keep everyone safe.”
As for Bandita, who is among the breed of dogs who are stigmatized for being mean and aggressive, Rodriguez says she’s recuperating just fine.
“She’s just super needy and needs a lot of attention and cuddles, but she’s fine.”
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