Japanese Woman Works as Teacher By Day, Epic Pro Break Dancer By Night

Japanese Woman Works as Teacher By Day, Epic Pro Break Dancer By NightJapanese Woman Works as Teacher By Day, Epic Pro Break Dancer By Night
A Japanese kindergarten teacher is making waves around the break-dancing scene for her skills that could give B-boys a run for their money. Ayumi Fukushima might seem like a regular unassuming teacher, but once she starts dancing, it’s apparent that she’s more than what meets the eye.
During the day, the 33-year-old goes about her usual routine as a teacher, dealing with co-workers and interacting with children. However, once Fukushima starts dance practice in the night time, she takes on a completely different persona.
The Japanese teacher becomes a fierce competitor once she gets on the dance floor as she amazes crowds with her slick dance moves. Her competitive mindset on the dance floor is a huge turnaround from her meek personality as an educator.
In an interview with Stance, Fukushima revealed that before she found dancing, she had trouble talking in front of people because she was “really shy.” However, break-dancing helped her in overcoming that dillema.
After all, dancing made her perform in front of many people and pushed her to express herself through movement. With the help of dancing, Fukushima was able to break free from her personality constraints and helped her become less timid that she used to be.
In fact, dancing didn’t just help Fukushima in her professional dance career, it also helped her become a good teacher as well. While the 33-year-old admits that she’s still shy, it doesn’t change the fact that dancing helped her accomplish great things.
According to DeadSpin, Fukushima is the first female to be invited to join the 1V1 battle at the annual international break-dancing competition Battle of the Year. In addition, the break-dancing teacher will also serve as a dance-coach at the 2018 Youth Olympics.
The Japanese teacher even won in a big break-dancing event just recently so it’s no exaggeration to say that she’s one of the best b-girls in the business.
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