Why This Cosplayer Has Become The Face of ‘Japanese High School Girls’

Why This Cosplayer Has Become The Face of ‘Japanese High School Girls’Why This Cosplayer Has Become The Face of ‘Japanese High School Girls’
Ryan General
December 28, 2016
Ayato Nikukyu is a 21-year-old cosplayer who is now gaining fame for being the face of high school girls in Japan.

Although no longer an actual high schooler, Nikukyu’s modeling stint for Bibi Lab’s Sera Kore line this year, where she donned schoolgirl uniform-style loungewear, made her student persona extremely famous in the country.
As a professional cosplayer, Nikukyu wears a variety of anime/manga character outfits during events, reported RocketNews24. However, the innocent-looking model is best known for her sailor suit-style school uniform attire which fits her youthful looks perfectly.
She recently used the outfit and some additional factory work attire via a project for a local factory called Ohmiya, which enlisted her to encourage new workers to apply.  
Currently, she’s back wearing the adorable outfit to promote a wide range of bicycles for Doppelgänger in an attempt to show the bikes are not just for boys but for schoolgirls too.
Bicycles dubbed as the “Mama-chari” have recently become popular among Japanese students who ride the sporty bike to and from school.
The campaign includes safety tips and pointers on how to use the Doppelgänger bike responsibly.
Doppelgänger attributes the surge in the bike’s popularity among the youth demographic with its now more common appearance in both anime and manga.
The company’s “Road Bike Schoolgirl” campaign featuring  Nikukyu has a gallery of photos displayed on their website.
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