Awkwafina Speaks Out on the ‘Cruelty’ of Coronavirus Xenophobia and Racism

Awkwafina Speaks Out on the ‘Cruelty’ of Coronavirus Xenophobia and Racism
Carl Samson
March 25, 2020
Awkwafina has updated fans of her whereabouts amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
In an Instagram post yesterday, the Golden Globe awardee revealed that she had been away working for the past few months, but has now returned to the U.S.
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Pointing out her awareness of the current situation, Awkwafina announced that she will quarantine herself for the next two weeks.
“Have been away working for the past few months in all of this devastation, and wanted to make double sure I was OK to travel before coming back home to the U.S.,” the 31-year-old star wrote. “I will be locking myself up for the next two weeks rewatching the ‘Tiger King.’ Love you all.”
In her post, Awkwafina shared how the outbreak upsets her, expressing worries for those “most at risk for serious illness, the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.” Without describing specifics, however, she also addressed “the rhetoric that has come out of this.”
Apparently, that rhetoric would be the blaming of China for the spread of the virus — a message that has hurt people of Chinese descent in and outside of the U.S. And as reports in recent weeks show, the problem has also affected those of other Asian ethnicities.
“I am saddened by the rhetoric that has come out of this, and the cruelty that came as a result. I hope that while we self isolate and socially distance to stay safe, we also stay sane and calm,” Awkwafina urged others.
Multiple Asian American personalities have condemned politicians from the Republican Party — including President Donald Trump — for referring to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the pathogen responsible for COVID-19, as “Chinese coronavirus” or “Chinese virus.” Among them is George Takei, who urged others to ask themselves why Trump uses “Chinese virus” instead of “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” like “the rest of the world.”
Awkwafina’s post has received more than 183,000 likes, with people wishing her safe and well.
“Love me some @awkwafina glad you’re alright. The world needs a million Awkwafinas to get our smiles back in place,” one commented.
Awkwafina’s “Nora From Queens” airs Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central.
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