Award-Winning Chinese Murder-Mystery Author Arrested For Quadruple Murder From 22 Years Ago

Award-Winning Chinese Murder-Mystery Author Arrested For Quadruple Murder From 22 Years Ago
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
August 17, 2017
A famous Chinese writer was arrested for the gruesome murder of four people during late November of 1995. Police used a cigarette butt that was recovered from the scene of the crime as their means of determining the identity of the killer.
Traces of saliva found on the cigarette butt was further analyzed, leading the police to a village in Nanling County. After a lengthy process of collecting multiple blood samples from residents, the evidence was eventually traced back to 53-year-old Liu Yongbiao.
According to Shanghaiist, police also arrested 64-year-old legal consultant Wang Ming, a person who acted as the writer’s accomplice in the murder case. Liu and Wang not only killed the two owners of a Bed-and-Breakfast inn, they also killed their 13-year old grandson as well as a hotel guest.
It’s reported that the two perpetrators were struggling financially at the time and decided to kill the four victims and rob them of their possessions. While it has been over two decades before Liu was eventually arrested, the famous Chinese writer admitted that he had “long awaited this day.”
As a matter of fact, Liu felt relieved following his arrest as he exclaimed that he can now “finally be free from the mental torment” that he had endured for decades. In a strange twist of irony, the critically-acclaimed writer was supposed to release a story about a female author who commits a series of murders but somehow manages to escape captivity.
The Chinese writer was planning on calling his next cold-case detective drama as “The Beautiful Writer Who Killed”, according to The Guardian. Unfortunately for Liu, his real-life story will be that of a writer behind bars instead of one who escapes the authorities.
The decorated writer received numerous accolades for his works including having one of his books turned into a 50-episode TV series and even getting inducted into the China Writers Association. However, his recent arrest will undoubtedly mar his legacy as an established writer.
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