Vietnamese Woman Makes ‘Avocado Dessert’ in Viral Tiktok

Vietnamese Woman Makes ‘Avocado Dessert’ in Viral TiktokVietnamese Woman Makes ‘Avocado Dessert’ in Viral Tiktok
A video of a Vietnamese woman preparing a dessert made from avocado has gone viral on TikTok.
Thảo My, who goes by the username @bbymmii, posted the video on March 17, just around the time when South Korea’s #DalgonaCoffee was taking over the internet.
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“This is an avocado. When I came to America, I was very confused as to why you guys would put avocados in a salad,” My says at the start of the video. “Because in Vietnam, we would eat it as a dessert.
“So today, I will show you guys how my country eats it.”
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The recipe only has three ingredients: a can of condensed milk, some crushed ice, and of course, an avocado.
Preparing the recipe is also simple. First, the avocado is sliced into bite-sized pieces.
Image Screenshot via @bbymmii
The avocado chunks are then placed in a bowl. Crushed ice is put on top.
Image Screenshot via @bbymmii
Finally, condensed milk is added and mixed.
Image Screenshot via @bbymmii
The result is a cold sweet treat slightly similar to the Filipino dessert “halo-halo.”
Image Screenshot via @bbymmii
As of this writing, My’s quick tutorial has received 13.9 million views, 2.1 million likes and nearly 22,000 comments. Just as how the American way of eating avocado confused her, people from all over the world were surprised about her recipe.
“It’s crazy what TikTok has taught me. I feel like I would have never known that people eat avocado differently, I’ll have to try it!” one user commented.
Unsurprisingly, some Filipinos shared that they also eat the fruit the same way My does. This makes sense as My captioned the video, “It’s an Asian tingz.”
“Really?! We do that too in the Philippines and it’s my favorite dessert,” one wrote.
Feature Image Screenshots via @bbymmii
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