Malaysian Magicians Set New World Record for Changing Clothes

A pair of Malaysian magicians attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the “most costume change illusions in one minute” — and they were successful.
Avery Chin covered Sylvia Lim with a huge curtain as the latter “changed” into 18 clothes, all under one minute.
The duo broke the record set by another pair of Malaysian magicians, Mark and Pinky from Vivas Magic, a few weeks earlier, the Malay Mail Online reported. Chin and Lim came out two outfits ahead.
As expected, viewers went crazy over the impressive act (via RocketNews24):
“I’ve seen so many ppl do it but never understood HOOOWWWWW”
“Many people know she is wearing multiple clothing like mask changing but can everyone do it so fast and accurate?”
“Obviously she’s wearing all the dresses at once, and each one is a ‘rip away’ that comes off very easily just by pulling it. You don’t see the back of the clothes, they are most likely held by a thin string of some sort that snaps and falls off when you pull on it.”
It’s true that Lim didn’t actually change clothes here. Instead, she took the challenge of pretending she’s changing — “changing” so fast that traces of the previous dress were never visible.
The duo’s act ended with a glittery surprise that revealed Lim in a white, long gown.
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