Dante Basco, Zach Tyler Eisen surprise ‘Last Airbender’ fans with Prince Zuko, Aang reunion on TikTok

avatar the last airbender

Over a decade after “Avatar: The Last Airbender” ended, stars Dante Basco and Zach Tyler Eisen reunited in a TikTok video

Prince Zuko regains his honor: In the clip uploaded on Monday, Basco, the voice of Prince Zuko, is joined by Eisen, the voice of protagonist Aang, in an apparent impromptu reunion in the streets of New York. 

@danteFinally found ##Ang! Literally haven’t seen Zach for the first time in 15 years! great to catch up! ##Zuko ##ATLA I’ve regained ##Honor! ##zachtylereison♬ original sound – Dante Basco

  • “Yo, so I’m walking around New York and guess who I finally found?” Basco said, at the start of the clip.
  • Eisen entered the frame and said, “Flamey-o, hot man. Yip yip!” Basco then responded with, “I regained my honor. Whassup!!”
  • In the caption, Basco revealed that they have not seen each other in 15 years.
  • Earlier this year, Eisen and Basco reunited in a virtual setting as part of the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” cast reunion.
  • Basco has remained active in his voice-acting career over the years, voicing characters such as Jai Kell in “Star Wars Rebels,” Spinkick in “Carmen Sandiego” and Zuko’s grandson General Iroh in “The Legend of Korra,” the sequel to the original Avatar show.

Remembering Robin Williams: Basco also recently took to Twitter to give an emotional tribute to legendary actor Robin Williams, commemorating what would have been his 70th birthday last week.

  • Basco was one of Williams’ co-stars in the 1991 film “Hook,” where he played the memorable character of Rufio.
  • In his tweet, the actor expressed how important Williams meant to him, writing, “He’ll never know how much he’s impacted my life… O captain, my captain… You are the Pan!”

Featured Image via Dante Basco (left), Avatar: The Last Airbender (right)

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