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Si Shen is the co-founder and CEO of PapayaMobile, the social gaming network with more than 127 million gamers and parent company of AppFlood, the largest global mobile RTB network out of China. AppFlood connects advertisers with more than 1.5 billion impressions a month.

What American Startups Can Learn From China’s Work Culture

With Chinese companies accounting for the largest tech IPOs on record, all eyes are now on these technology giants. While everyone wonders what the secret sauce might be, we can imagine what lies behind the scenes- it’s the employees who are keeping these companies afloat with their work ethic rooted in Chinese culture.

I’ve worked for Google in both Silicon Valley and Beijing, and I now run Beijing-based PapayaMobile, which has a satellite office in San Francisco. I’ve seen a definite contrast in the workplace culture in both regions, where each have their pros and cons. That said, Chinese culture has a strong influence on the workplace in China, and U.S. startups could benefit from taking a few notes.