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Asian Mom Who Dreamed of Having a ‘Blue-Eyed Baby’ Defends Controversial Instagram Post

Editor’s Note: Earlier this month, new mom and business owner Michelle Worth became the focus of a controversial Instagram post praising the features of her “blonde blue-eyed baby,” adding “Well suck it people I have a white baby.” Many took the context of her post to be of a self-hating nature, outlining the “superiority” of Caucasian features over Asian ones. Worth didn’t expect the critical comments that followed, and while many also came to defend her right to be proud of her bi-racial baby, Worth also took it upon herself to address the controversy, set the record straight on her background and explain the real reason she is a proud new mom. Here is her exclusive response to NextShark:

I am a mompreneur. I run several businesses, and I post many pictures of myself working accompanied by my baby girl.