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May Hong on Netflix’s ‘Tales of the City’ Gives Gay East Asians The Representation They Need

may hong

In celebration with the recent Pride season last month, an iconic work of Armistead Maupin resurfaced from 1994 to 2019. Netflix successfully relaunched “Tales of the City”— a fiercely empowering and admired LGBTQ+ series since. Only this time, we returned to San Francisco welcoming a new, much more diverse community alongside the icons Olympia Dukakis and Laura Linney. Following the stories of returning home to their chosen families of close-knit residents in the boarding house on 28 Barbary Lane, this show navigates love, acceptance, and queerness as something to be celebrated within intersecting tales of each relationship. The main characters in the books were primarily white, but 25 years later, a ton of new people of color actors were added to the narrative. Both were and are very much of their time, but this round is more inclusive with black and brown stories.