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Liz is a journalist and marketing specialist based in Orange County. She has experience in digital media advertising, project management, and editing. Aside from writing Liz loves reading, travel, and all things adventure. She is also obsessed with hashtags.

5 Foods to Avoid on Sundays

We all know that expression you are what you eat, and lazy Sundays have a tendency to turn even the health conscious gym-rats into useless bloats.  With a long workweek ahead, Sundays are important days for the body to reset and unwind.  If you want to look and feel your best at the start of the week, stay away from these tempting indulgences.

Soda. Sugary drinks give you satisfaction in the short term but end up being dehydrating throughout the day, making your body feel like it’s lacking.  Aside from physical health, a study by the National Institutes of Health found that people who drank soda, even diet soda, suffer more extreme mood swings and signs of depression than those who choose water or juice.  Mondays suck as it is.  You definitely don’t want to contribute to post weekend blues by filling your body with depression causing sugar water.

Morning or Evening: When’s the Best Time to Work Out?


Improves Productivity.  Getting your heart rate up releases endorphins making you more awake and ready for the day. Working out can also increase clarity, meaning you’ll be able to tackle more of your daily tasks.  Not to mention you’ll have a fresh, endorphin fueled glow to brighten the day. Regulates sleep cycle.  A study at Appalachian State University* found that people who walked the treadmill for 30 minutes before going to work spent more time in REM at night, opposed to those who worked out in the afternoon and night.  By spending more time in a deep sleep, the body is allowed more time to repair itself and prepare for the next day. Reduces blood pressure.  That same study also found that earlier risers had a 35% dip in blood pressure, increasing their overall cardiovascular and mental health in the long term. Easier to form habits.  AM workouts can help start and maintain a healthy routine.  By working out in the morning, you’re breaking the tendency to procrastinate or prioritize other tasks.  For a busy schedule, working out in the morning guarantees a set amount of time instead of trying to the find time between appointments. You burn more calories throughout the day.  Calorie burn doesn’t stop when you leave the gym.  Working out can boost your metabolism for hours, meaning you’ll be burning calories through the day even when working in a sedentary office.